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Hair or Lash Business?

Have you received our most up to date wholesale catalog? Are you looking for wholesale supply for your Lash or Hair business? We dropship, custom package, custom label everything needed for your hair and Lash Business. Please email customer service at  January 2020 Update: All New Businesses must provide their business name, and contact phone number before receiving our business catalog. Wholesale prices all have minimum orders and are offered exclusively to businesses.   Ask for our catalog today by emailing customer service at

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Drop Shipping

WELCOME to Two Sisters Beauty Supply! Top Quality Hair extensions, 100% Mink lashes and much more.  We make Supply and DROP-SHIPPING easier for the hair business owner.  Have a Hair or Lash Business? Email us today at for our wholesale catalog   How Do I purchase Wholesale? Email us at and request our wholesale catalog What is drop shipping? Starting a hair or Lash business while keeping no inventory, no packaging, or shipping necessary! We do the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on your sales.We also pack your orders with your personal brand How Does it work? Your customers order from your business --------> You order from us at our wholesale price ----------------> We ship order to your customer---------> You keep your profits!   Where Do I sell?...

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About Us

Our Business Goals:  Large orders or small orders? We have you covered! Roughly 98% of virgin hair worldwide is collected and processed in China and redistributed to businesses world wide. This typically means slow shipping time as well delays for most business.; but not for our business! Our staff is split into both overseas and USA. What this means is constant and fast shipping for all of your store needs. If in our Chicago office Item shipping transit time is 3 business days! If Item is to be shipped from our offshore site transit time is still only 3 business days! This goes for physical stores, eCommerce stores, as well those desiring to drop-ship. What other business can supply your store needs with such speed and care? Look no further Two Sisters...

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